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Your New Path to Health

  Do you wish to prevent disease and take a pro-active approach to your health?
  Are you interested in using natural therapies to promote self healing?
  Are you seeking an integrative approach to health that optimally combines conventional and natural medicine?
  Are you confused about the multitude of natural supplements that exist and don't know which ones are right
   for you?
  Are you looking for a doctor who will take the time to truly listen to your health concerns?
  Would you like to be educated about how to care for and heal yourself?
  Do you want a health partner, someone who will encourage and empower you to be an active participant in
   your own health care?
  Do you suffer from the side effects of conventional medicine and would like a more natural approach?
  Have you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and your conventional medication is not helping?
  Do you suffer from a range of symptoms and conventional medicine does not have a diagnosis for you. ?.

If you answered
YES to any of these questions, please take a moment to learn how Dr Wolf can help you ...

Benefits to you

  Experience thorough consultations, averaging one hour in length.
  Receive a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan.
  Have all factors which may be contributing to your condition taken into account, including your emotions,
   thoughts, stress, relationships, diet and environment.
  Experience a health care approach focused on treating the root causes of your illness rather than simply
   suppressing your symptoms.
  Experience an integrative approach to medicine which complements therapies recommended by other
   members of your health care team.
  Receive easily understandable and effective communication through proper consideration of your personal
   learning style.
  Experience improved accessibility to your doctor.
  Receive acknowledgement and encouragement from your doctor for each step you take and every effort you
   make to achieve better health.

You can feel better!!

Find out more ...

Find out more about the Health questionnaire
Discover what makes this practice different
Meet your Homoeopathic doctor
Learn about all the services the clinic offers
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