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Mental wellness

Wellness refers to a holistic approach in which mind, body, and spirit are integrated. It is a way of life oriented
toward optimal health and well-being in which body, mind, and spirit are integrated in a purposeful manner with
a goal of living life more fully. Wellness is more than the absence of disease, or a state defined as health. It
incorporates a concern for optimal functioning. Being mentally well is intertwined with being physically and
spiritually well. (Jane Myers of the University of North Carolina)

The absence of mental wellness leads to feelings such as depression, anxiety, fear, paranoia, grief, anger etc.
These feelings if not properly worked through can accumulate and lead to further problems. Conventional
medicine uses anti depressives, anti anxiolytics etc to deal with these symptoms by making you feel them less
but have the symptoms actually gone? It is my opinion after treating many patients with emotional issues that
homoeopathic treatment for these conditions is safe and highly effective to gently help the emotional
blockage/baggage to be released. Homoeopathy and acupuncture are ideally suited to promote and help you
achieve mental wellness.. Have a look at the homoeopathic treatment for anxiety to see how an emotional issue
may be treated!

Homeopathic treatment for Anxiety

If you tend to experience anxiety, you can try many antidotes. There's medication, deep breathing, massage
and herbal remedies, to name a few. But often if you're anxious, you have other symptoms as well. You might
be tired or achy, have PMS, or be plagued with migraines. So while treating your anxiety is helpful, wouldn't you
rather address everything that ails you?

It might seem like too much to ask, but it's exactly what the right homeopathic remedy can do for you-that is,
the right constitutional remedy. A constitutional remedy is a remedy that is based on all aspects of you - the
patterns and tendencies manifested in your body, mind and emotions. After clinicians conduct an in-depth initial
interview and prescribe the perfect remedy for you, you will notice many different symptoms improving.

The benefit of this method is that after you get the right remedy, you'll likely feel an increase in energy, an
improved sense of well-being, and the amelioration of other chronic or recurrent symptoms. These changes can
start happening within 2-4 weeks

What makes this possible?  The remedy stimulates a person's vital force. Basically the bodily system organizes
itself the best way it knows how, given life circumstances. Since the current 'organization' isn't working for it, the
medicine disrupts that very temporarily and allows the body to find a new balance.

For this reason, people sometimes feel worse before they feel better. But the end result makes it worth it. And
for those who are already taking anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications, a homeopathic approach can be
the next step. In some cases, there is a possibility that, with the help of their doctor, people can go off anti-
anxiety medications or sometimes they stay on them, but through homeopathy, they get to another level of
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