Do you struggle with?

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Not knowing how to prevent disease and how to take a pro-active approach to your health?

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Finding the right natural supplements or complementary medicines for you?

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Side effects of conventional medicine and would like a more natural approach?

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A chronic disease diagnoses and your conventional medication is not helping?

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A range of symptoms and conventional medicine does not have a diagnosis for you?

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Searching for an integrative approach to health that optimally combines conventional and natural medicine?

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Searching for doctor who will take the time to truly listen to you?

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Wanting to prevent disease but am not sure how to take a pro-active approach to your health?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please take a moment to learn how Dr Wolf can help you...

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Personalised consult

Experience thorough initial consultations, averaging one hour in length.

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All of you

Have all factors which may be contributing to your condition taken into account, including your emotions, thoughts, stress, relationships, diet and environment.

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Treat the root cause

Experience a health care approach focused on treating the root causes of your illness rather than simply suppressing your symptoms

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Focus on prevention and education

We educate our patients to make informed decisions to prevent disease. The focus is the quality of your health in this moment and well into the future.

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The best of both worlds

Combining western medicine (a thorough history, physical exam, blood tests and imaging studies) as well as alternative therapeutics (clinical nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine, counselling, homeopathy and energy medicine) to provide the best individualised patient centered medical care.

You can feel better!!

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